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School Board Meetings


The School Board 2023 meetings are



25 October 2023

6 December 2023


Meetings are held on a Wednesday in Weeks 4 and 9 of each term at 6.00pm. 


Meetings are open to the public (however the public are excluded from the 'in-committee' section). If you are interested in attending a School Board meeting, please contact the Board Secretary,  BOT@rangiorahigh.school.nz, for further information.


2023 Approved minutes  


22 February 2023 RHS Board minutes

5 April 2023 RHS Board minutes

17 May 2023 RHS Board minutes 

21 June 2023 RHS Board minutes  

16 August 2023 RHS Board minutes  


To view archived Board minutes, please  contact the  Board Secretary at  BOT@rangiorahigh.school.nz 





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