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You can email the Director of International Students at international@rangiorahigh.school.nz




All accommodation must be arranged by or acceptable to the Director of International Students.


This may be with relatives, or in a home stay.  Students may not change their accommodation without the Director’s permission.


Home stay will be arranged with local New Zealand families in the Rangiora area. Some students will need to travel to school on the bus provided by the school. Accommodation fee covers a single room (desk is provided), all meals and laundry.




If you wish to host a homestay, please note that you must live within Rangiora High School Enrolment Zone and under the Code of Practice for International Students in New Zealand schools, we are required to vet all persons 18 years old and over who normally reside in the household that offers homestay accommodation


What happens next?

  1. When we receive your forms, we process them and apply online for police vetting. It may take 4 or 5 weeks to receive the clearance forms back form the police, depending how busy they are.  After that we make an appointment to visit you in your home to assess whether you will be able to provide the kind of accommodation and care that our students require.
  2. If we think your family and home are suitable, we will notify you that we are putting you on our register of available families.
  3. After that we cannot say exactly when you will host a student. So much depends on the nationalities of the students and their requests for types of family, location, etc.
  4. The majority of new student intakes are in Term 1 and Term 3, but there are exceptions. We also have short term groups, mainly in March and July.
  5. We will try to give you three weeks’ notice of a student arriving, but sometimes it may be less than that.
  6. Once we have you on our register, please let us know of any changes to your address, phone numbers, or availability.





Police Vetting form 


*Things to know*


  • The forms required by the police include that we must sight and photocopy your ID – either a Driver’s License or Passport.  The most effective way to do that is for you to send us a photocopy of your ID (or scan) when you return the forms and we will verify it when we visit you.  This will also mean that any members of your household 18 or over will have to be met, either on the home visit, or they will need to call into school at some point.
  • The information we receive back from the police vetting authority is kept private.  We do not reveal the information to anyone else, although the Educational Review Office may view it when they audit our performance, and check that our records are complete.
  • Generally speaking, a prior conviction for traffic and other minor offences will not preclude you from hosting a student.

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