Rangiora High School's School Profile


The school profile is available in a number of languages. You can download the .pdf versions below.


Chinese: Simple 090596_CN SIM, (.pdf Format; 70Kb) 
Chinese: Traditional  090596_CN TRD, (.pdf Format; 175Kb)
German  090596_German, (.pdf Format; 13Kb)
Korean  090596_Korean, (.pdf Format; 120Kb)
Portugese  090596_Port, (.pdf Format; 87Kb)
Spanish  090596_Spanish, (.pdf Format; 30Kb)
Thai  090596_Thai, (.pdf Format; 77Kb)
Italian  090599_Italian, (.pdf Format; 13Kb)


 Rangiora_Japanese, (.pdf Format; 730Kb)
Vietnamese  Rangiora_vietnamese, (.pdf Format; 135Kb)
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