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Mainstream Support


Rangiora High School has a policy of inclusive education. The school established a Mainstream Support Unit in the early 1990s.


The Head of the Mainstream Support Unit and can be contacted by telephoning the school on +64 3 3118888.


The Head of Mainstream Support co-ordinates individualised programmes for ORRS, ACC and SLS funded students through Individual Education Plans. We aim for maximum achievement through the most inclusive approaches possible.


The unit’s programmes include:


  • International ASDAN qualifications
  • Inter Secondary School Special Olympics competitions and ribbon days
  • Gym and swimming programmes
  • Literacy and numeracy programmes
  • Individualised therapy programmes including speech, physio, occupational and music


As we have a policy of inclusive education, where appropriate, the students are mainstreamed into classes supported by Learning Assistants.


T: +64 3 311 8888

F: +64 3 313 8005


East Belt

Rangiora 7400

New Zealand

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