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Please click on the links below to download individual policies. These policies detail the procedures and protocols currently in place. Each policy is current as at the date on the front page. Each policy is subject to change. Please telephone the school office on 03 3118888 if you have any questions about these policy statements.


Appointments Policy

Appraisal Policy

Assessment Policy

Care of Heritage and Art Collection Policy

CCTV System Procedural

Child Protection Policy

Complaints Policy

Creative Commons Policy

Curriculum Policy

Drugs including Alcohol Policy

Drugs including Alcohol Procedural Policy

Education Outside the Classroom Procedural Policy

Education Outside the Classroom Overseas Trips Procedural Policy

Equal Employment Opportunities EEO Policy

Firearms Policy

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Induction Training and Information Procedural Policy

International Students Procedures Policy Refunds & Cancellations

International Students Procedural Policy Managing Supervised Groups

International Students - Procedural Policy Agents

International Students - Procedural Policy Accommodation

International Students - Procedural Policy Fee Protection

International Student Policy - Procedural Policy

International Students - Procedural Policy Travel and Medical Insurance

Online Safety Policy

Others in the Workplace Procedural Policy

Personal Protective Equipment Procedural Policy

Personnel Policy

Police Vetting Procedural Policy

Privacy Policy

Professional Boundaries Policy

Professional Development for Trustees

Professional Learning Development Policy

Protected Disclosures Policy

Restraint Policy

RHS Bus Network Policies Procedures Manual

Risk Management Procedural Policy

Social Media Policy

Sensitive Claim of Abuse in State Schools Procedural Policy

Staff Leave Policy

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Treaty of Waitangi Policy

Timetabling Policy

Website Privacy Procedural Policy

Worker Participation Procedural Policy

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