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Rangiora High School

Governance and Board of Trustees


The role of the Board of Trustees includes governing the school, and setting its direction.



The members of the Board consists of:


  • Chair - Simon Green

Parent Elected Representatives:


  • Wayne Bonnett
  • Ben Prain
  • Andrew Hodgkinson

School Representatives:


  • Staff Representative - Gillian Koster
  • Student Representative - Hannah Lord
  • Principal - Karen Stewart 


Board of Trustees Committees


Finance and Property Committee


Wayne Bonnett (Chair), Simon Green, (BOT Chairperson, ex officio), Ben Prain, Darryn Ward, Karen Stewart (Principal, ex officio) and David Lowe, (Business Manager). 


Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Finance and Property Committee are here: TOR Finance Cttee


ARTE (Achievement Retention Transition & Engagement) and Curriculum Committee  


Simon Green, (BOT Chairperson, ex officio), Karen Stewart, (Principal, ex officio), Hannah Lord (Student Trustee) and Gillian Koster (Staff Trustee).


Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the ARTE and Curriculum Committee are found here: TOR ARTE Cttee


Review Committee


Simon Green (BOT Chairperson, ex officio), Andrew Hodgkinson,  Darryn Ward and Karen Stewart (Principal, ex officio). 


Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Review Committee are found here: TOR Review Cttee 


Suspensions Committee


(All members of the Board excluding the Principal). The Chair of the Committee is the Board Chair, or in the Chair’s absence, will be determined by the Committee.


Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for the Suspensions Committee are found here: TOR Suspensions Cttee


Personnel Committee


Andrew Hodgkinson (Chair), Simon Green (BOT Chairperson, ex officio), Ben Prain, Gillian Koster, (Staff Trustee) Wayne Bonnett, Karen Stewart (Principal, ex officio) and Hannah Lord (Student Trustee)


Terms of Reference 

The terms of reference for the Personnel Committee are found here: TOR Personnel Cttee 


Meeting dates for 2021  (meetings commence at 6.00pm)


Wednesday 3 March

Wednesday 31 March 

Wednesday 26 May 

Wednesday 30 June

Wednesday 18 August

Wednesday 22 September

Wednesday 10 November

Wednesday 15 December




Meetings are open to the public and are held in the Strachan Room, Level 2 of the Administration Building. Members of the public are excluded for the in-committee meeting. If you are intending to attend a meeting it is suggested that you contact the BOT Secretary; email BOT@rangiorahigh.school.nz, to ensure access.

School Charter

A copy of the current Rangiora High School  Charter is  here: Charter



The School has a number of Policies covering its operations which can be found here: Policies



The school as a publicly funded entity, is required to produce an annual report that covers:


  • The Schools annual financial statements.
  • A discussion of the progress the school has made towards the planned goals and targets for student achievement as set out in the annually updated part of its Charter.

The last two years Annual Reports can be found here.

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