Parent Teacher Association


Rangiora High School's PTA has a proud history of serving the school. New members are always welcome.


PTA History


A Parents' Association was formed at Rangiora High School in 1926, the early aims being to promote the welfare of pupils by establishing the closest possible co-operation between parents of pupils, the Board of Governors and the teaching staff. In two changes of Constitution, these aims have not changed, though they have been expanded by an expressed desire to assist the school in any way possible and to promote progress in post-primary education. Then, as now, the main function of the PTA is to provide opportunities for parents and staff to get together to discuss the progress or otherwise of the children.


Membership of the Parents' Association, which was from the first automatically conferred on those with pupils at the school, provided several avenues for active participation in the affairs of the school. From 1915 to 1989 there had been two parent representatives on the Board of Governors and through elections to these positions parents could influence school policy. With the advent of Tomorrow's Schools, Boards of Trustees offered parents further opportunities to be involved with the school. In 1933 parents had access to the School Council, on which one or two parents' representatives served, while two Council members served in turn on the Parents' Association. Today, membership is still automatic, coming with the payment of school fees to the PTA.


The Parents' Association and its successor, the PTA, have always been active fundraisers on behalf of the school. They helped pay for the Cottage in 1928 and have given money for sports equipment, the swimming pool (unfortunately, lost as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes), school prizes and other important items not covered by the Government's operations grant. They also helped to raise funds for Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre and the school's gymnasium complex in the early 1980s.


PTA Today


Like many voluntary organizations, the Parent Teacher Association is kept alive and active by a small core of enthusiastic people who recognize the institution's worth and are prepared to keep it going. A portion of the school donation goes directly to the PTA who, each year, supplement this with some fundraising activities to support a range of school projects. If you would like to become more involved with the PTA, please telephone the school office on 03 3118888.


Su Jeffcott

PTA Secretary



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