Itinerant Music Lessons


Has your child ever wanted to learn a musical instrument, but you have felt constrained by time, distance to travel, or cost?


There are opportunities to learn an instrument at Rangiora High School. Lessons are free and some instruments (violin, viola, ‘cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, and trombone) are available at no extra charge.


One of life’s pleasures is the mastering of a musical instrument.  While requiring a high level of commitment from students, learning a musical instrument offers opportunities for the development of manual dexterity, intellectual depth, imagination, and creative drive. In occupations as diverse as teaching, business management, and medicine, these skills can prove to be invaluable.


Rangiora High School’s team of specialist itinerant teachers of music include:

Jono Tressler (drums)                               

Ray McMurdo (guitar)                

Mike Fudakowski (bass guitar)                   

Fiona McMurdo (piano)  

Nicky Fogden-Smith (Violin)                          

Mark Hodgkinson (trumpet)                

Philippa Chirnside (voice)                

Julia Evans-Brant (flute)                      

Ann Clarke (‘cello) 


And how does the system work? Itinerant teachers teach during the school day. Lessons are rotated so that students do not miss the same class; lessons typically are around twenty minutes long. While there is no cost, students may be directed to join ensemble groups or participate in an event (such as Voices Festival) as a measure of their commitment to the programme.


At the start of each year teachers meet with their prospective students. Notices are placed in the daily Bulletin so that students know where and when to meet. Alternatively, students can see Mrs Rowe in M1 if they miss that meeting for any reason.



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