In addition to offering Music as a curriculum subject at all levels of the school, Rangiora High School provides a number of other opportunities for students with an interest and talent in music.


Music Tuition


Itinerant music tuition is available in the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, voice, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, tenor horn, piano, piano keyboard, kit drumming, guitar, bass guitar and bagpipes.


Individual and group lessons take place during class time. Some instruments are available for hire from the school. Many co-curricular activities in music are available at school for vocal and instrumental students. Participation in such activities is a condition of tuition. Students who learn privately are welcome to join these ensemble and choral groups.




The choir has a membership of about 25 voices, male and female. The choir sings a variety of songs, both in unison and in parts. Choir performances are given at school and at outside functions throughout the year.


Chamber Groups


Our Chamber Groups perform both within and outside the school. An important part of major events, such as prize-giving ceremonies, the Chamber Groups provide an opportunity for our many talented students to be heard by the school community and the wider public.


Rock Bands


Currently there are a number of rock bands practicing and performing regularly, both in the senior school and the junior school. The Music department is fortunate in having an excellent selection of band equipment including guitars, drum-kit, amplifiers, mixer and PA system, that all music groups make extensive use of. This equipment is available to all music students for use at intervals, lunch times and after school.












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