Rangiora High School is a large school. To provide a greater sense of belonging the school is divided into six Houses each of approximately 300 students and 30 staff. Houses also provide a basis for inter-house competition in sport and cultural activities. The six Houses are Hillary, Lydiard, Mansfield, Ngata, Rutherford and Sheppard. Our Houses are named for New Zealanders who have achieved distinction in their respective areas.


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House Points Table


The House Points table for the current year can be viewed here.


  First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth
2014 Mansfield Ngata Lydiard Sheppard Hillary Rutherford
2013 Ngata Mansfield Rutherford Sheppard Lydiard Hillary
2012 Mansfield Rutherford Sheppard Hillary Ngata Lydiard
2011 Mansfield Sheppard Ngata Lydiard Rutherford Hillary
2010 Ngata Rutherford Hillary Mansfield Sheppard Lydiard
2009 Lydiard Sheppard Mansfield Ngata Rutherford Hillary
2008 Rutherford Ngata Hillary Lydiard Sheppard Mansfield
2007 Ngata Lydiard Mansfield Sheppard Hillary Rutherford
2006 Ngata Lydiard Rutherford Sheppard Mansfield Hillary
2005 Ngata Lydiard Sheppard Rutherford Mansfield Hillary
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