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School Day Structure

Rangiora High School operates 25 timetable periods each week. Each day school starts with form time (or assembly) at 8.40am - except for Tuesday when there is no form time as staff are involved in Professional Learning meetings (note, buses run approximately 20 minutes later on Tuesday mornings). Lessons begin at 9.05am each day. The first break (interval) is from 11.00am to 11.30am. The second break (lunch) is from 1.25pm to 2.20pm. The school day ends at 3.15pm.








  Form Time or

  Assembly, 8.40am









  Period 1, 9.05am






  Period 2, 10.05am






  Interval, 11.00am






  Period 3, 11.30am






  Period 4, 12.30pm






  Lunch, 1.25pm






  Period 5, 2.20pm








In accordance with Ministry of Education regulations, a student living more than 4.8 km from the school is entitled to free bus travel. However, students may have to make their own way up to 1.6 km to a pick-up point. Information on bus routes and times may be viewed by clicking here. Specific information on pick-up times and stopping points should be obtained from the bus company, Torlesse Travel Limited, on 03 3135453. Good behaviour is expected on the bus at all times.



Student attendance is monitored electronically every period. Absence can be notified using School-links, our attendance notification software, or by a telephone call to the school office on 03 3118888. A telephone call to the office must be followed with an appropriate note from a parent or caregiver. Our Truancy Officer is Ian Thurlow. He can be contacted on 027 6829701 if you would like some help regarding a student's attendance.


Reports and Interviews

Parents and caregivers receive regular reports on student progress and attainment. Student Achievement Interview Days (SAID) are held to discuss progress with parents and caregivers. However, we would encourage any parent or caregiver who has a concern to make an appointment at any time for an interview with your son or daughter’s Dean or class teacher, and not wait for the interviews. Please telephone the school on +64 3 3118888.


Financial Matters

School Fees and Donations: A minimum amount of $120 for each student has been set by the school's Finance Committee. This is donation supports sport and cultural activities and the purchase extra resources such as library books. The $120 will be reduced to $110 if paid within a pre-announced time. In addition, the Board has established a $20 donation per family for Information Technology Development and our PTA has established a $10 donation for each student. These amounts are subject to change.


The school welcomes online payment. The school's bank account number os 03 0855 0333898-00 (Westpac, Christchurch). Please quote your child's enrolment number and name when making payments.


Financial Assistance

Some assistance is available for families in difficult circumstances. The school has access to funds to which application can be made for help towards purchase of uniforms and school books. Grants are usually limited to $100.00 - $200.00. Further information and advice is available by telephoning the school office on 03 3118888.

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