When I was in Italy, the last march, I had to choose where to go at school in New Zealand. My first idea was a school in Queenstown, but, when my teacher advised me Rangiora High School, I search it's site in internet and I was enthusiast. I remember I thought: " Wow! What a beautiful place! It is surrounded by the countryside, but it isn't too far from the mountains and the ocean." Definitely, I choose the school for the good offer of agricultural subjects.


Here in Rangiora I feel very good now. During the week I usually go to school, but the weekend is the period where I can do what I like: sometimes I help my host dad to work in the farm, but I usually go to climb in Christchurch in the biggest indoor gym I ever see: the YMCA Adventure Centre. It happened to me once to go with my host dad in the west coast with a big truck loaded by cows to sell. The next weekend will be amazing, I think, because we will go to have a trip. I don't say where, yet, but it will be fantastic!